You've seen them on TV, now get their new app!


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You've seen them on TV, now get insider secrets from the Abby Lee Dance Company with Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker in this new app!

❤ Dance lessons with Abby and the girls!
❤ Makeup and hair advice from Maddie Ziegler
❤ Behind-the-scenes footage never seen before
❤ Abby's 'trade secrets' that give you tips and tricks on dance and more
❤ 'News' from the world of the ALDC called ALDCNN -updated weekly!
❤ New content posted every week!
❤ Dance routines let you learn and dance along

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The exclusive feature that let's you submit your name for a chance to be chosen Fan of the Week -- a totally new way to interact with the girls! When you sign up, you might be chosen to:

  • Get a phone call from Abby, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall or Kalani
  • Have the girls post on your social media
  • Have your first name or photo featured in the app and on the girl's social media as Fan of the Week

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes and into the real lives of Abby, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall and Kalani. You'll see videos like:

❤ Girls dish on their moms
❤ Abby surprises superfans
❤ Backstage superstitions & rituals
❤ Behind-the-ccenes at real dance competitions
❤ Girl's tips on how to win competitions!
❤ Abby gets pranked by the girls
❤ What to pack in your dance bag and more

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Learn dance from Abby Lee Miller

For the first time ever, Abby is going to teach kids how to dance in all-new videos of dance lessons. Abby teaches exactly how to do each essential dance step, and Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall and Kalani will demonstrate in the app! If you can't join her studios in Pittsburgh or LA, or see her on tour, this is an amazing opportunity for anyone to either learn or relearn their dance moves and technique.

♦ Essentials of ballet, jazz, gymnastics, acrobatics, and musical theatre.
♦ Essential winning warmups that all her students do every day.
♦ Abby's life lessons - your best is more than about pointing your toes!
♦ More dance videos will be added regularly!

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